Holiday gift pack - A headfirst dive into our wildly hoppy aquarium.

We’ve gone all out by teaming up once again with our illustrator Renaud Lavency and his masterful drawing skills.

Ren has put together a collector’s print for you, A3 format, printed in risography. For those who might not be familiar with it, riso is a printing process that layers multiple colors. The collaboration between Ren and riso results in a print featuring our Fugu enjoying a drink in a world of explosive colors. All of this comes with a unique aesthetic and a slightly grainy texture. Ideal for decorating your most beautiful walls

Printed in only 1000 copies and hand-numbered ✍️

The tube also includes 4 of our beers.

To see the entire creation process, from Ren's pencil to the moment we proudly hang it in our offices, click here.

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