Who are we?

Why Fugu Brewing? 

February 2020, Brussels. We brew for the first time at home. We don't really know what we're doing yet. We think. We try. We make mistakes. We try to improve it as best we can. And then we stress throughout the fermentation. 

3 weeks later, seated in the armchair, we taste this 1st beer while watching a documentary which speaks of a strange creature, the fugu. We learn that it must be carefully prepared otherwise it may be mortal for the consumer.

Petits fugus nageant dans le houblon. Ils aiment les NEIPA. Encore plus quand elles sont belges et explosives.

It's a bit what we imagined when attacking this first brew. Maybe we could end up intoxicated because of an infection? Fortunately, it wasn't the case. This first prototype is not perfect. But we survive and the Fugu Brewing adventure begins.


The microbrewery project

It's cool to give your friends a taste of beer, but we quickly meet our limits with our amateur gear.
So we start dreaming of a microbrewery.
We start microbrewery lessons at the EFP in Brussels and we brew dozens of tests before finalizing our first beer: the Fugushima
Not currently having a standard brewing place meeting the highest of standards or sufficient financial means, we lend the recipe to a partner brewery (Brouwerij Anders, Halen, Limbourg) to start. By offering beers that represent who we are, we hope one day to be able to swim together in the hops and make you discover the fruits of our own production.

Who is behind Fugu Brewing Co.?


Let's swim in the hops all together

Fugu Brewing Company - Swim in the hops