A microbrewery project that starts at homebrewing level

Early 2020, Brussels. Nico & Sam chain the brewing sessions. They even finished 3rd in the Brussels Beer Project competition in which they had to reproduce their flagship beer, the Delta IPA.

They have one goal: to finalize their very first homemade recipe that will please their friends. They succeed and it makes them want to go further. Why not go as far as creating their own microbrewery?

But this project must have a name.

They then remember the tastings of their first beverages. In particular the time when they had drunk a little too much in front of a documentary on this strange fish, the fugu. The journalist explained that it must be prepared with great care and that in Japan, cooking it is an art. The link with beer was found!

Fugu Brewing was born and this first explosively hopped New England IPA had a name, Fugushima.

  • Nico

    From the creation of beer recipes to the management of social networks and deliveries driving the Fugu mobile (rap in his ears), Nico likes to do everything. Also a passionate beer geek, you'll certainly run into him at one or another beer event. And he's never the one to come home early.

  • Sam

    The engineer at Fugu. The man to whom you will have to prove everything with numbers and only numbers. Be careful, he never leaves anything to chance. But behind this extreme method hides an outstanding climber, a nature lover and an unlimited hop eater.

  • Ren

    The graphic universe of Fugu is in his hands. He draws the labels of the different beers with passion and a touch of madness. We sometimes wonder what goes through his head in real life. Ren is a creative genius who never stops, except to have a drink with friends.

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