Is there anything Japanese in your beers? In the Samurai, yeah! This Pale Ale is dry-hopped with Sorachi Ace, a Japanese origin hop and Chinook, harvested in Belgium.

    Make me dream! 

    The original. The Fugu is a cloudy and aromatic blonde beer with notes of citrus and passion fruit. Our first baby and our greatest pride.

    I'm convinced 

    Aromatically overpowering, we leave on notes of tropical fruits with a light woody side. We travel and that's so cool.

    I wanna taste 

    The latest release to date. A lightly tart, fruity beer with cheerful notes of pear, lychee, apple and yuzu. Sunshine in a can, plain and simple.

    Give me some 
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What's a Fugu?

It is this small fish with small spikes that inflates when it is afraid (blowfish or puffer fish). In Japan, its preparation is an art. As the elaboration of a good beer. We came across a documentary on the Fugu during our first homebrew and we decided to keep it as an emblem.

Why are the beers in cans?

There are several reasons for this:
- It preserves the beer better because hops hate light and oxygen
- It is easy to carry (lighter and takes less space)
- It is pretty and Ren can have fun making crazy labels!

Where are our beers brewed?

For the moment, we share our recipes with Brouwerij Anders, located in Limburg, Halen. But we hope to brew our beers in our own facilities as soon as possible. I promise you, you'll be welcome.

Can we let them age like the Orval?

NOOOOOOO, definitely not! Remember that a hoppy beer will never get better with time. The sooner you drink them, the better. Storing them in the fridge is also super important.