A brewing journey with Fugu On Tour: When Welsh magic meets Brussels power, Triple IPAs are born.

October 2023. Boom, the 3rd edition of Fugu On Tour is here, and it exceeds our wildest expectations. We're talking TIPA, zany yet awesome brewery and fire-breathing creatures.

Let's deep dive 👇

Chapter 1: Where did the magic happen? 

For this third ride, we set our sights on Wales.
After a 24-hour journey, we finally arrive - super excited - at Polly’s Brew Co, the brewery we’ve been dreaming of working with since we were old enough to think about it.

We’ve barely set foot on the ground when we start soaking up the most unique atmosphere we've just stepped into.

Containers all over the place. Two refrigerated semi-trailers, relics from the past, used as cold rooms. A little dog named "Citra" as the venue’s mascot. A basketball hoop randomly placed in the parking lot. A bunch of humans buzzing around us.

In short, Polly's has grown over the years but stays true to its roots. No pretense or makeovers here. It's chaotic, but it's their chaos, and it runs like a well-oiled machine.

That day, we joined Joe for the brewing of FOT#3 - which is, after all, why we're there for - and Lally and Ginger for some impromptu canning. It’s all vibes, tunes, and sharing. Exactly what we came for, really.

For those who wanna dig deeper, peep our video tour of Polly's over here.

Chapter 2: Spill the beans on the recipe

For this new edition, we went with an IPA, but not just any IPA. We're rocking a Triple IPA featuring a killer combo of two New Zealand hops: Motueka and Nelson Sauvin. This gives us a tasty blend of tropical and citrus notes. Big hop juice fans, brace yourselves. We didn't hold back, you've been warned.

Wanna see us tasting it before anyone else? The preview is happening right here 🍻

Chapter 3: What's up with that fire-breathing creature on the label?

You know the dragon on the Welsh flag, right? The creature on our label is that dragon, just after eating our Fugu. All this genius comes from the pen of the one and only Renaud Lavency, our illustrator who needs no introduction.

Illustration on the can

Chapter 4: Where can we score this marvelous hop juice? 

Starting October 24th, hit up your favorite local bars and shops (while supplies last).

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