A brewing journey with Fugu On Tour: Cloudwater, when a dream comes true. 

June 2024. We've been waiting for it, you've been waiting for it. Finally, after a 7 months break, Fugu On Tour is back. And for this 4th edition, we're pulling out all the stops, with a special guest.

Journey to the UK, let's fly 👇

Chapter 1: Where did the magic happen? 

We're dusting off our passports and heading to England, with Marius packed in our suitcases this time.

Off to Manchester, mate! Specifically, Cloudwater, an absolutely iconic brewery in the world of craft beer.

As we step into the heart of British hops, we take 2 minutes to realize what's happening. For Nico, it's a dream come true - brewing alongside those who inspired the Fugu project. For Marius, it's his first Fugu On Tour trip, and we're setting the bar high. As for Céline, she can't help but smile at the number of female brewers around her, an unusual ecosystem in the beer world.

A mandatory stop at the brewpub next door to soak in Manchester's sun shining bright (we swear it's true). Talking it up in the sun with their sales rep James, grabbing Cloud t-shirts for a fresh wardrobe, and most importantly, exploring the endless menu at the pub.

Between beers, back at the brewery, tossing hops into the boiling brew. Pinch us, we still can't believe it.

And yet, it's all true, see by yourself.

Chapter 2: Spill the beans on the recipe

From the outset, we knew - with Cloudwater, we had to create a hop-forward recipe.

We settled on a Pale Ale with a double dry-hop of HBC 630 and Ekuanot. In the mouth, it bursts with ripe berries, mango, and citrus.

Chapter 3 : Why is Maya the bee on the label?

Joker - it's our friend James from Cloudwater who reminds us that in the 19th century, Manchester played a crucial role in the Industrial Revolution. Symbolizing cooperation, bees work collectively towards a common goal, reflecting the spirit of workers from that era. A symbol that has become iconic since, synonymous with the city today, and a fitting representation for our Belgo-British collaboration.

All brought to life by the one and only Renaud Lavency, our illustrator.

Chapter 4: Where can we score this marvelous beer ? 

Available now on our e-shop.

We're tapping the first keg on Friday, June 21st, at Dynamo Bar in Saint-Gilles from 5 PM onwards! After that, you can find it at your favorite bars, restaurants, and shops (while stocks last). Feel free to reach out to us to find out where to get it closest to you.

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